Who We Are

The Cork & Hop was created for the sole purpose of providing rare, unique, smaller production, heritage, award-winning, local (& international) beers, wines, whiskies and cider that are hard to find in the supermarket or many other shops. We wanted to gather everything in one place and provide a means to taste via events and public openings.

This provides a unique offering and what we are focusing on initially:

  • English still and sparkling wines (predominantly Midlands-based vineyards – yes, vineyards in the Midlands!)
  • Porters, Stouts, IPA’s, NIPA’s APA’s & craft lager
  • Ciders

We visit each supplier, discuss their manufacturing process, inspect their offering and of course taste their produce. This gives us unique insights into the heritage of each bottle, ensuring you are well-informed of what you are actually buying, instead of peering across rows and rows of bottles wondering which ones are going to be good or not.

Each bottle has full information provided, so you know the maker, location, any awards, tasting notes and detailed information about the product itself. Some are very interesting and unique. We urge you to read through the descriptions. Feel free to mix and match, there is no minimum order quantity.


We will be providing various events throughout the year and inviting makers to come in to discuss their products and provide tastings, with opportunities to purchase rarer vintages. Some events may be paired with snacks and food offerings. These will be available for up to 15 people, so make sure you get your tickets quickly, most events are already selling out. Private events can also be booked, where you can pick your theme. This is also applicable for corporate meetings where branding is available depending on the product selection.

Meeting Room Hire

The main shop area is available as a bespoke meeting room area for businesses to meet with their clients or delegates in a unique setting. Branded bottles and stationary is also available on request. Please book at least 10 days in advance for custom branding.

Public Tasting Evenings

The Cork & Hop hosts tasting events throughout the year, providing a great way to sample our delicious selection of craft beers, wines and cider. Paddles will be available allowing you to sample 4 drinks at once. Purchases can also be made if you find a drink you would like to buy more for consumption off-premises. There is a good range of bottles for consumption on-premises as well. We look forward to welcoming you!