Braybrooke – Keller Craft Lager


Bronze Medal in the Keg Continental Style Beer category at SIBA Midlands Beer Awards 2023. It takes a minimum 30 days lagering in the tank to provide a clean and full-bodied taste. Complex and refined, it’s delicious and refreshing on its own and also a great accompaniment to food.

Alcohol Content: 4.8% ABV

Bottle Size: 50cl bottle

Location: Market Harborough

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Indulging in the wonders of Bamberg, Braybrooke stumbled upon a beer that captured their hearts and taste buds: Kellerbier, affectionately known as cellar beer. Its enchanting allure and satisfying 4.8% ABV inspired them to embark on a mission to craft the most exceptional version of this beloved style.

They left no stone unturned in pursuit of perfection. To ensure an authentic experience, they import the finest malt directly from Germany. Its distinctive character infuses the Kellerbier with a rich, malty backbone that truly sets it apart. Sourcing high-quality German hops from a renowned farm in Tettnang adds a delightful touch of aroma and flavour, elevating their creation to new heights.

They go to great lengths to achieve a distinctive smooth mouthfeel. By meticulously softening the brewing water, Braybrooke creates the perfect canvas for the flavours to harmonize and unfold gracefully on your palate.

The magic of Bavaria comes alive in our Kellerbier through the careful selection of fresh lager yeast, painstakingly cultivated exclusively for them. This authentic strain imparts the traditional Bavarian essence, infusing the beer with its unmistakable character.

Embracing the heritage and techniques of old-world brewing, Braybrooke takes pride in its craftsmanship. The brewing process involves a time-honoured decoction mash, a method that enhances the complexity and depth of flavours. The unhurried fermentation takes its course gently, allowing the yeast to work its magic and create a symphony of taste.

Braybrooke Kellerbier is lagered for a minimum of 30 days of undisturbed maturation in the tank, allowing the flavours to meld harmoniously and reach their full potential. This prolonged lagering period imparts a clean and refined taste that leaves a lasting impression on discerning palates. They also ensure Kellerbier undergoes natural carbonation. By employing the time-tested method of allowing the beer to naturally carbonate in the tank, they achieve the perfect level of effervescence that enhances the drinking experience, creating a delightful dance of bubbles with every sip.

Allergen Information: Cereals, contains gluten

The allergen information provided is approximate and intended to be used as a guide only, please check the product ingredients labels before serving.

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